Prenatal and Delivery Care

Every pregnancy carries a different story. Our providers deliver specialized healthcare tailored to your specific circumstances, supporting you every step of the way. Talk to us about your needs.

Obstetric Services.


Free Childbirth Education Classes

Labor and delivery can be exciting and intimidating, but we will support you every step of the way – starting with pregnancy and childbirth education.  Let us teach you about what to expect during pregnancy and the birthing process.

Prenatal Care

During your pregnancy, you will be seen regularly by our providers.  We have a unique group approach to prenatal care, ensuring every pregnancy benefits from the wisdom and experience of all of our providers.  From the first visit, our patients are introduced to our model of shared prenatal care.  Instead of a “pick-your-doctor” approach, our pregnant patients receive care from all of our obstetric providers.  

We wish that every pregnancy was without complication, and fortunately, most are!  When pregnancies are complicated, we are here for you.  Our team of obstetric providers meets every week to review our high risk patients.  We coordinate care with Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists to ensure that each patient has her unique needs met.

Whether your pregnancy is low risk or high risk, we are honored that you choose us for your prenatal care.

Nurse Triage Service

We offer a 24-hour triage phone service.  During clinic hours, our triage nurses provide answers to all your medical questions.  After hours, our on-call doctor is available to answer questions that cannot wait until morning.  

On-Site 3D Ultrasound

Ultrasound uses sound waves to create an image of your baby. This lets you see your baby’s face for the first time and helps us evaluate your baby’s growth and development.

Labor and Delivery Care

Our providers are privileged to deliver babies at Providence Alaska Medical Center and Alaska Regional Hospital.  Each day, one of our doctors is dedicated to the laboring patients of Alaska Women’s Health.  We are specialized in vaginal deliveries, operative vaginal deliveries and cesarean sections.  We do offer Trial of Labor After Cesarean (TOLAC) to our patients when appropriate, and are proud to have helped many women with successful Vaginal Births After Cesarean (VBACs).  

Our providers are mindful of specific needs, desires and concerns for each family.  We work hand-in-hand with our nurses on Labor and Delivery to help you have the best possible birth story.

Postnatal Care

Postpartum care is given to a mother during the first six weeks after the birth of a child.  Our experienced providers will give you the support you need as you navigate changes to your body and your family.

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“Staff was super friendly and helpful in not making me feel weird about my embarrassing situation. I definitely would recommend them to anyone.”

“If you have any women’s health concerns, this is the place to go!”

“Dr. Hinkle and staff at Alaska’s Woman Health are GREAT!! I had a wonderful first visit, and left there feeling extremely satisfied with my patient care!”