Fertility Services in Anchorage

We’re to help you build a family and pave the way to a successful pregnancy. Our fertility experts provide best-in-class fertility services tailored to your family’s unique needs.

Our Fertility & Reproductive Health Services

  • Ovulation Induction
  • Intrauterine Insemination
  • Co-management with Reproductive Endocrinologists

Alaska Women’s Health is home to the state’s most qualified and regarded obstetricians and gynecologists. Our team is dedicated to keeping up to date with the most recent developments in reproductive medicine and can support you in every step of your journey.

If your family is experiencing fertility issues, we’re here to provide you with the compassionate and individualized care you need. We’ll work to investigate what’s preventing a successful pregnancy and identify the right treatment to help you reach your reproductive goals.

    Fertility Service Providers

    Dr. Amanda Beery

    Dr. Amanda Beery

    Dr. Tania Hall<br />

    Dr. Tania Hall

    Dr. Craig Hinkle

    Dr. Craig Hinkle

    Dr. Sherifat Ope-Adenuga<br />

    Dr. Sherifat Ope-Adenuga

    Dr. Brittany Strickland<br />

    Dr. Brittany Strickland

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    Read Our Reviews

    “Dr. Hinkle and staff at Alaska’s Woman Health are GREAT!! I had a wonderful first visit, and left there feeling extremely satisfied with my patient care!”

    “I have interacted with this office a lot over the past few months and I have been very pleased with their care and services. A big thank you to Dr. Beery, Dr. Moses and Dr. Hinkle for all their help, but also thank you to all the nurses and staff I have encountered.”

    “I appreciate the professionalism and dedication of the staff and physicians at the clinic. It is a bright and happy place, tidy, and everyone is very supportive. The level of care is top notch.”