Pregnant women visiting and having tea.

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Doctor has consultation with pregnant patient.

Prenatal Care

This is the care you get while you are pregnant, to keep you and your baby healthy.

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Wound Care

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Woman holds lower belly in pain.

UTI Care

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“Nothing but good to say about my experiences with AWH, which have included a surgery and all that led up to it, and occasional appointments for various things. The staff takes its time with you and is completely thorough and professional. I have never experienced unusually long waits. I have complete faith in the care that I have received at AWH in the years that I have been a patient at this clinic.”


“I have had my care here for about eight years. I have had two babies with them and have had excellent care and customer service. All the staff there are very professional and caring. The doctors are also exceptional. I highly recommend this practice to everyone!”

– J.D.