Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Whether you’re a first time mom or are expecting your latest addition, you and your developing baby will need exceptional care. You can trust our experience during this exciting time. We have delivered thousands of babies and are experienced in all aspects of pregnancy – from preconception to postpartum care.

Your Initial OB Visit

Your initial Obstetrical Visit (after our education class) takes about 40- 50 minutes with one of our providers, who along with you, will complete a health history and a pregnancy profile. This initial OB visit provides an opportunity for us to obtain a confirmation of your last menstrual.

During your initial visit with your OB provider, you will be given a complete exam, to include a pelvic exam, Pap smear, breast exam and lab cultures for sexually transmitted diseases.  We will also order some prenatal lab work to be drawn at our onsite lab, and will discuss pregnancy related medical issues like nutrition, exercise, genetic testing, etc.

Five items to bring to your initial visit:
      1. Any and all medication (please include any herbal or vitamin supplements)

      2. Date of first day of last menstruation

      3. A support person

      4. Medical Records if transferring care from another practice

      5. A form of ID and any insurance card(s) you have

Follow-up Visits

After your initial OB visit, your prenatal visits will be arranged at approximately four week intervals during the first seven months, and closer thereafter. You are urged to keep your appointments, it is an established fact: good prenatal care contributes to the health of the mother and infant. Various prenatal testing may be required during your pregnancy.  Please see our prenatal testing page to learn more about these tests.

Concerns During Your Pregnancy

Questions can arise during our pregnancy. If you wish to contact us with questions or concerns, we are always available.  Please call and talk to our Triage Nurse during office hours. When it is necessary to call after hours, please call our office number and leave a message with our answering service.  One of our providers will return your call. If you feel you have a true emergency, indicate this to the answering service.

When to Call the Provider and Go to the Hospital

IT IS TIME ...When the contractions come at regular intervals and increase in frequency, duration, and intensity as time progresses. Lying down or relaxing will not stop or relieve the contractions of true labor. You should time your contractions for at least one hour. They should be five minutes apart and taking your breath away before calling the doctor. OR...

IT IS TIME ...When your bag of water breaks. Fluid may escape in a sudden gush or trickle out in a slow leak. It will be a continuous leaking of fluid and will run down your legs, especially with changes in position. OR...

IT IS TIME ...If you start bleeding heavily like a period. Call the doctor immediately!

If you suspect that any signs of labor are happening, and you are able, you should make the call yourself rather than having someone else make it for you. It is best for you to answer questions directly and explain exactly how you feel. Always call the office before going to the hospital. This includes nights, weekends and holidays. We have an answering service that will page the doctor if you have signs of labor, and he/she will return your call as soon as possible.


We deliver all our patients at either Providence Alaska Medical Center or Alaska Regional.

After the Birth

Congratulations! This is an exciting time, but also a time of change and transition for all members of your family. We are here to help you during this time. After your baby is born, a post-partum visit at about 4-6 weeks after delivery will be scheduled with us. During this visit, we will monitor your recovery from labor and delivery to be sure you are physically healthy, and discuss with you your plans for family planning. This visit also provides us an opportunity to talk about the emotional changes that take place, and help you and your family in adjusting to your new family member. It is important for you to know that we are only a phone call away, and we encourage you to call us with any questions or concerns at any time.