Congratulations On Your Pregnancy!


We understand that this is an extraordinary time in your life! You probably have many questions about your pregnancy and the type of care you will receive with us. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our unique practice and staff!

At AWH we take a team approach to your care. We have obstetricians, nurse midwives, nurse practitioners and nurses all working together to provide you with comprehensive personal attention. Each of these health care professionals has something special to offer and we encourage you to meet all of our providers and to take advantage of their range of skills.

We have obstetricians and midwives who deliver babies for AWH patients at either Providence Alaska Medical Center or Alaska Regional Hospital.

Prenatal Visits

Our customary schedule of prenatal visits is every month until 28 weeks gestation; twice monthly until 36 weeks; and then weekly until delivery. If complications arise during your pregnancy then we will need to see you more often. We encourage you to call us for any illnesses while you are pregnant if another care provider is not already treating you. We understand the excitement that you and your partner must feel regarding your upcoming birth and encourage you to bring your partner with you to your exams.

Your first visit is usually attending our practice and OB orientation class, where we will provide you with educational information along with a handy binder with several handouts that will help explain what to expect throughout your pregnancy. Please read this information and feel free to ask questions if any of the information seems unclear or incomplete.

Our Delivery Providers

Our delivery providers include: Dr. Jan Whitefield, Dr. Cathy Gohring, Dr. Kristin Murray, Dr. Katie Ostrom, Dr. Craig Hinkle, and Dr. C. Jane Wiggins, and Mary Terranova, CNM. Dr. Owen Bell also takes call with our providers. Our in office certified nurse midwives are Colleen Carey, CNM, and Cindy Bonney, CNM, LMT.