Joy HumannZacharias, RN, CNM, APN, IBCLC

Joy HumannZacharias

Joy HumannZacharias, RN, CNM, APN, IBCLC moved to Alaska in 2014. She has 30 years of nursing experience, consisting of 28 years in Labor and Delivery and 2 years with pediatrics, oncology, and surgery. Her career started in 1984 when she graduated from San Diego City College with an ADN degree and started working as an RN with Neuro–surgical patients. She then moved to Montana to raise four wonderful children and worked as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. She has always been involved in the care of women. She has 15 years of childbirth education instruction certified by ICEA followed by a certification in lactation. She has been IBCLC since 1999 and has worked with women in a pediatric setting as well as in a level 3 NICU. She obtained her MSN and midwifery degree from Frontier Nursing University in Hyden, Kentucky in 2014. Her work experience includes working at a local birth center and with the military at JBER.

Her passion in life is to help women with the birth process by identifying their medical, holistic, and spiritual needs. She is passionate about natural birth, however, she will assist and nurture a mother however she needs to at the time of birth. She provides full scope midwifery care for all stages of a women life.

She is enthusiastic about Alaska and enjoys fishing, kayaking, swimming, hiking, camping, and running. She loves animals, owns a horse, and is hoping to find a new dog soon.