Intimate Aesthetics

Dr. Carol Mitchell-Springer and Dr. Andrea Wang are the only board-certified surgeons in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery in Alaska. With unmatched experience in pelvic reconstruction, they provide a distinct advantage for aesthetic gynecologic procedures. A plastic surgeon or general gynecologist may have little training in the art of pelvic reconstructive surgery. Drs. Mitchell-Springer and Wang are pleased to provide expertise in the full spectrum of treatments for pelvic disorders, both aesthetic and functional.

Childbirth, trauma and time may alter the appearance of the vulvar and vaginal area. Procedures are available to restore the youthful appearance and function of these intimate areas, similar to a “face lift”. In the hands of a specialist surgeon, these delicate procedures may greatly enhance sensation and quality of life. Femininity and confidence can be restored. We welcome your inquires. Please contact us at to start our conversation.”

We offer three types of intimate aesthetics procedures:

Intimate Aesthetics At AWH