Environmental Toxins

Toxic substances are chemicals and elements that can harm your health. Everyone is exposed to toxic substances every day. This brochure can help you prevent or reduce your exposure to these substances. This way you can protect your health and your family’s health.


Exposure to toxic substances can harm the reproductive systems of women and men and make it harder to get pregnant. Developing fetuses, infants, children, pre-teens and teenagers are especially vulnerable. Being exposed to even small amounts of toxic substances during important times of development can lead to disease early in life, later in life, or even across generations.

To Learn More

This informational brochure from UCSF Program of Reproductive Health and the Environent (PRHE), lists some of the many ways to prevent exposure to substances that can harm reproductive health and development. The prevention measures described here are based on recommendations by leading authorities on environmental and occupational health. Find links to those sources and to many more, plus tips for avoiding exposure to toxic substances in the Resources section at: https://prhe.ucsf.edu