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Residency Program

A residency program (medical doctors who have completed their medical school but need further experience) has been established in Alaska.  It is called the Alaska Family Practice Residency. Since our practice has chosen to be affiliated with this program, we would like to explain to you our involvement – and yours.

The program includes resident physicians who are specializing in family practice.  They would like to gain more experience in obstetrics as most of them hope to work as family doctors in rural Alaska.

Who are Resident Physicians?

Resident physicians are M.D.’s (medical doctors) who have completed medical school. They are furthering their medical careers and are working closely with more experienced practitioners. Alaska Family Practice Residents are employees of Providence Alaska Medical Center.

We are committed to providing quality care to our patients. We are also committed to participating in the training and education of Alaska’s future healthcare providers. We are requesting that you act as our partners in providing this further training. You will probably come in contact with these resident physicians when you arrive at the OB triage department at Providence Hospital, or at some point during your birth. We encourage you to welcome the residents as part of your birthing team. If, however, you prefer not to have a resident assist at your delivery, please let us know.